Leader Profiles

Grandmaster In Sun Seo has been involved in martial arts since the 1950′s and is currently one of the most respected Korean martial artist and a true pioneer representing the first generation of Korean martial artists.

seobustGrandmaster Seo is the only first generation martial artist to teach and operate a dojang in Korea continuously for the last 40 years. He is the epitome of a true martial artist who combines his technical skills with great wisdom to tirelessly serve the growing martial arts community of Korea as well as the rest of the world.

As of present time, Grandmaster In Sun Seo has certified 270,000 Black Belts and he serves as President/Chairman of World Kido Federation, Han Min Jok Hapkido Association and Korea Kuk Sool Association. GM Seo continues to travel the world to teach and share his martial arts knowledge and skills.


  • 1958 – Receives 1st Dan in Hapkido(From Teacher Choi Yong Sul)
  • 1961 – 3rd Dan in Hapkido
  • 1965 – Korea Kuk Sool Won Instructor
  • 1966 – Korea Kuk Sool Won’s Pusan Area Master
  • 1967 – Korea Kido Association Representative
  • 1968 – First in Korea to demonstrate with “Jin Gum”(“real” or “actual” sword)
  • 1969 – Korea Kuk Sool Won Chiefmaster
  • 1970 – Appointed Pusan Central Police Force’s Martial Arts Instructor (First in Korea to be appointed such)
  • 1974 – First Martial Artist to appear and demonstrate on Korean TV show “Moe Ki Da Hang Jin”(Talent Show)
  • 1974-Present – Hosted two Martial Arts Championship-Exhibitions each year. GM has held the most martial arts events in Korea.
  • 1975 – First Martial Artist on KBS TV “Bi Mir Ea Moon”(Secret Door)
  • 1976 – First Martial Artist on TBC TV “Game Show”
  • 1977 – Selected as the Martial Arts Director/Participant for Government funded Documentary on Korean Martial Arts “Ho Kuk Moo Yea”(Fifty of GM’s students also appeared on the documentary).
  • 1978 – Selected to head a Martial Arts Team to represent Korea at the 75th Anniversary of Korean Immigration to Hawaii. First ever to be appointed martial arts team leader in an official government sponsored trip.
  • 1978 – Appointed as Martial Arts Instructor for CIC (Korea’s equivalent of CIA)
  • 1978 – Published the official textbook for Korea Kuk Sool Won
  • 1983 – Elected President of Korea Kido Association (first martial artist to serve as president) and has been serving for the longest duration in history.
  • 1983 – Published the 2nd Edition of Kuk Sool Textbook
  • 1984-2001 – Korea President’s Secret Service Agency’s Testing Committee Head
  • 1986 – Published the 3rd Edition of Kuk Sool Textbook
  • 1986 – Established Kido HQ in USA
  • 1989 – Published the 4th Edition of Kuk Sool Textbook
  • 1990 – World Kido Federation established in Fremont, CA
  • 1992 – Published the 5th Edition of Kuk Sool Textbook
  • 1996 – Published the 6th Edition of Kuk Sool Textbook
  • 1998 – Published the 1st Edition of Kido Textbook/Album
  • 1983-2002 – President Chairman of Korea Kido Association
  • 1990-Present – GM has given over 200 martial arts seminars throughout the world and has received numerous commendations and awards from different cities he has visited.
  • 2003 – Founded Han Min Jok Hapkido Association receives Korean government recognition for the new organization.