Mission & History

The World Kido Federation is one of the most respected and renowned Korean Martial Arts organizations in the world. We are led by a first generation martial artist, Grandmaster In Sun Seo, 10th Dan, whose martial arts history dates back to 1958.

Our site will introduce you to what the World Kido Federation has to offer in terms of Training, Certification, History, Legitimacy and much more. Through our site, you will learn more about the World Kido Federation, the benefits of membership, and why we are the preeminent Korean Martial Arts Organization in the world.

Mission Statement

  • The World Kido Federation will allow the establishment of a world-wide link between the Korean martial arts practitioners of the world to their roots in Korea.
  • The World Kido Federation will work to build a relationship of respect and encouragement between the different Korean martial art styles within the Kido organization.
  • The World Kido Federation will strive to be a world-wide organization with the goals to create unification and harmony among all Korean martial arts and guide martial arts activities and certification so true martial artists will have unquestionable integrity and security.
  • The World Kido Federation will continuously work to bring factual information to all Korean martial arts practitioners in hopes that we will learn from the past and work together to create a stronger Korean martial arts community.

History of World Kido Federation

The World Kido Federation was founded by Grandmaster In Sun Seo in 1986 to serve as a link between the official Martial Arts governing body of Korea and the rest of the Martial Arts community of the world. With the formation of world Kido Federation, the international practitioners of Korean Martial Arts can registered their ranks and schools with an official Korean government recognized organization, which will ensure permanent documentation of their martial arts history. Unlike some private organizations that have collapsed when their leaders pass away or leave the Martial Arts altogether, World Kido Federation’ direct link to the government recognized organization in Korea ensures legitimacy, continuity, and safety for all our members.

World Kido Federation members enjoy registration of their records through Han Min Jok Hapkido Association which is a premier, well respected Martial Arts organization founded by Grandmaster In Sun Seo. Han Min Jok Hapkido Association is a non-profit Martial Arts organization registered with the Ministry of Culture/Tourism of Korea.