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  • 2019 Korea Trip

    2019 Korea Trip

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  • 2018 New Year’s Message from GM In Sun Seo

    2018 New Year’s Message from GM In Sun Seo

    From the desk of Grandmaster In Sun Seo

    World Kido Federation members and family,

    Wishing all our WKF family and friends a joyful holiday season and and happy New Year! I hope everyone had the opportunity to share the festivities of the new year with friends and family.

    As I was thinking about this coming year and the message I wanted to convey to all of you, I was reminded of a quote from Lao Tzu that I believe is applicable to all of us as martial artists and as people. The quote is:

    Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power

    As you all know by now, as we were entering the holiday season in Korea with a festive mood and celebratory feeling, we were shocked to discover our Headquarter office was significantly damaged by a fire. We are so fortunate that no one was hurt but the amount of damage and amount of work to rebuild was daunting. It is in these kind of times and situations that test our resolve that we have to look inwards and how we as individuals react to adversity and test if we can look to things we can control and make the best of our situation. In that spirit, we are moving forward and rebuilding and planning to forge head. What’s also been incredibly encouraging and has helped strengthened our resolve is the overwhelming support and positivity from our members in Korea and from around the world. Thank you for your kind wishes, support and positive energy!

    Going through this situation reminded me that as martial artists and leaders in our communities, it is sometimes easier to look at others and spend energy on things external to us and sometimes out of our control. Such things are usually not a best use of our time. As Lao Tzu said, knowledge and mastery of others may be needed at times, but true strength and meaning will only be discovered by mastering oneself and in focusing inward to improve ourselves as martial artists, teachers, leaders and as people.

    As you enter the new year, please take a moment to reflect on how each of you can look at yourselves and where you need to focus and work on to improve in whatever areas or areas are most needed to help you be a better martial artist, community member, teacher, family member, friend or person.

    Once again, I hope all of you have a great new year and I look forward to hopefully seeing all of you at the WKF Member Summit in the SF Bay Area in July 2018!


    In Sun Seo


    President World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Association



    We are excited to announce the dates for next year’s World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Association Member Summit-


    Dates- JULY 13-15, 2018



    Please save the dates and we will be sending out more information in the coming month.


    We hope to see you all next July!




    Sara Seo

    Secretary General

    World Kido Federation


  • Greater Milwaukee Hapkido Seminar

    Greater Milwaukee Hapkido Seminar

    Join Master Steve Seo at the American Dojo Martial Arts on April 29 and April 30. Sign up here–MbPcMMilwaukee Seminar

  • Hanminjok Hapkido Seminar|Herzebrock, Germany 2017

    Hanminjok Hapkido Seminar|Herzebrock, Germany 2017

    Click on this link: Seminar-Scott-engl

  • Happy New Year

    New Year Message from GM Seo

    World Kido Federation members and family, Happy New Years! I hope everyone was able to celebrate the arrival of 2017 with their loved ones. It is fair to say that around the world, 2016 was a very challenging year. Across many different countries, communities, and families, 2016 brought more turmoil than it did tranquility. Many of us are happy to see 2016 come to an end. However, it is important not to lose hope. The beautiful thing about life is that every moment is another opportunity to improve yourself and those around you. Year by year, month by month, and day by day, we can approach every moment as an opportunity to grow and become the best people we can be. Whether it’s adding that extra 1-2 hours of week to your own training, or spending a few extra minutes on the mat working with that student that’s struggling in class, it’s these little things that can make the difference. Let’s keep that mindset as we can’t appreciate the good times without struggling through the difficult times and finding the lessons that inspire us to forge ahead. Now to make these changes tangible, it is up to us. If we all try to improve ourselves and our communities, we will begin to see individual actions have global results. I am a firm believer in choices; no matter what different situations we are in, we can all choose to take a positive perspective that focuses on moving forward and making the best of what we have at hand. I strive to live this way everyday, and I hope you do too. Sincerely, GM In Sun Seo

  • Participates of the seminar

    4th Nordic Hapkido Cup

    4th Nordic Hapkido Cup
    SKELLEFTEA, Sweden–Master Rikard Larsson of Sweden recently held the 4th Nordic Hapkido Cup, organized by the World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Association Scandinavia in cooperation with the hosting school, Soo Shim Hapkido. ­
    This year’s event took place during the weekend of October 29, in the city of Skellefteå, Sweden.­
    The championships were open to all Hapkido federations and associations. Participants competed in sparring, selfdefense, forms, and weapons forms. The rules of the World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Association were used, but with a few changes, most notable being the use of an electronic scoring system for sparring. ­The competition turned out to be a huge success, with around 120 participants from Sweden, Spain and South Korea taking part.
    Attending the event were special guests Grandmaster Scott Sung Yeel Seo, general secretary of Hanminjok Hapkido Association; Grandmaster Lee Kyoung Sun, regional director of Hanminjok Hapkido Association in Spain and Master Carlos Martinez, also of Hanminjok Hapkido Association in Spain.
    There was also an open seminar on Sunday, October 30 conducted by Grandmaster Scott Seo which attracted approximately 50 participants who go the chance to learn and train Grandmaster Scott who covered a variety of skills and concepts.

    GM Scott does his forms

    Many people have worked hard to make this event become reality, especially all the members of Soo Shim Hapkido, without whom this event would not be possible. Tremendous support was lent by Master Daniel Lee, board member of Hanminjok Hapkido Sweden. In addition, the event was supported by the Swedish Hapkido Committee headed by Master Dick Skantz. Mentions also have to go to instructors Jonas Andersson, Mattias Karlsson, Jonny Edvinsson, Vicktor Olsson and Lars Strömbro for supporting at the event.
  • Hapkido Seminar attendees

    1st Oceania Cup and 2016 Hapkido Festival

    Held over the weekend October 8th and 9th with Grand Master Scott Seo in attendance as our guest. The seminar was hosted by Callum Forbes and the Upper Hutt Hapkido Academy which is the Head Quarters Do Jang for the New Zealand Hapkido Federation which currently consists of five WKF member Do Jangs and one pending.  Over 40 people from throughout New Zealand enrolled for the 1st Oceania Cup on Saturday 8th and over 60 for the Hapkido seminars with GM Scott on Sunday 9th.

    1st Oceania Cup

    The 1st Oceania Cup was the first time that we have run a national Hapkido tournament in New Zealand and was a bit of an unknown as we had never exposed our students to a competition before apart from those who had competed during the 2013 and 2015 Korea Trips.

    The Oceania Cup followed the same format of the World Kido Federation / Hanminjok Hapkido Association tournaments and we would like to thank Master Rickard from Sweden for sending us their rules which we adapted to the New Zealand Hapkido environment. This included offering armed and unarmed patterns (hyungs), self-defence and Sparring. The Sparring was adapted to allow for a higher level of contact including hand strikes to the head for the adult divisions (special head protection was used). No body armor was used in either the junior or adult divisions to allow greater use of throwing and take down techniques. A greater time on the ground was also allowed to demonstrate ground fighting skills in both Divisions.

    The entire event ran very smoothly with no injuries (!) and the standard across all Divisions was high with students as young as 7 and old as 67 taking part. The armed patterns in particular was well contested particularly because this is a very new area for our students with many of them learning the Hanminjok hyungs in the weeks leading up to the competition.

    In the end Upper Hutt Hapkido Academy’s Junior Black Belt Dominic Chan won the inaugural Oceania Cup after amassing the highest number of competition points. His win was particularly noteworthy as in one of his Divisions (armed hyungs) he was competing against adult 1st – 4th Dan Black Belts.

    Everybody who competed in, or watched the Oceania Cup thought that it was a fantastic event and it has helped further bond the New Zealand Schools together. We plan to hold the next Oceania Cup in October 2018.

    Grandmaster Scott Seo Seminars

    The second part of the 2016 Hapkido Festival was seminars with Grand Master Scott. He ran three seminars  - one for our Tigers (Junior students aged 7  - 12) and he covered basic Dan Bong techniques with them. About 20 students showed up for this seminar. The main seminar was the Hapkido seminar that was attended by over 50 people – mostly from Hapkido but also with several from Kenpo Karate, Okinawan Gojo-Ryu Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Master Scott covered some basic Hosinsul before moving onto Dan Bong techniques. The final seminar was for Black Belts and about 20 people attended. Master Scott covered advanced Hosinsul techniques in this seminar.

    The seminars were all well-received by the attendees.

    On Monday 10th October (GM Scott’s light night in New Zealand) he took the adult Hapkido class at the Upper Hutt Hapkido Academy and everybody really enjoyed the experience of how Hapkido classes are run in south Korea.

    Overall the 2016 was a huge success and build on the success of GM Scott’s 2014 Trip. We have made some plans to make the 2018 Oceania Cup and Hapkido Festival even more successful.

    GM Scott demonstrating a hosinsul technique on Jon-Luke Harvey from the Upper Hutt Hapkido Academy

    (GM Scott demonstrating a hosinsul technique on Jon-Luke Harvey from the Upper Hutt Hapkido Academy)

    Winner of the 1st Oceania Cup Dominic Chan with his sister Yasmin Chan flanked by GM Scott and Callum Forbes


    (Winner of the 1st Oceania Cup Dominic Chan with his sister Yasmin Chan flanked by GM Scott and Callum Forbes)



  • WKF 4th Nordic Hapkido Cup and Seminar – Sweden

    WKF 4th Nordic Hapkido Cup and Seminar – Sweden

    Visit our Facebook event page for more details:


    October 29-30 2016

    We hereby invite all Hapkido schools to participate in the 4th Nordic Hapkido Cup and seminar. 
    Join us for a fun, fast paced and educative weekend.
    The competition will include both demonstration and sparring divisions. Seminar will be taught by Grandmaster Scott Seo, World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Association.

    The competition and seminar is open to all Hapkido practitioners whatever “style” or organizational affiliation.  

    Date: Saturday, October 29 2016

    Location: Eddahallen, Skelleftea, Sweden

    Divisions: Daeryun, Hosinsul, Hyung and Mookisul

    Rank Requirements: 9 gup – 4 dan
    Participants must be member of an official Hapkido School.

    Miniors: born in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
    Cadets: born in 2002, 2003 and 2004
    Juniors male and female: born in 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 (Athletes born in 2002 may compete as cadet or as junior, not in both).
    Seniors male and female: born in 1999 and older (juniors born in 1999 or 2000 may compete as junior or senior, not in both).
    Old Boys/Girls: born in 1981 and older

    Liability: All competitors participate at their own risk. The organizers shall not accept responsibility for any damages, injuries or losses sustained or incurred.
    Rules: World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Association, STF

    Coach: For every 5 contestants within the same team, one coach is granted free admission, with a maximum of 3 coaches.
    Only competitors and coaches have admittance to the competition areas.

    Insurance: The organization and supervisor assume no responsibility for teams, any damages, violence, losses and injuries during the stay in Sweden. All contestants must bring their own documents and forms for any medical treatment in Sweden. If not, this must be paid in cash.

    Sparring (Dae Ryun)
    Weigh-in: Friday, October 28 at 17:00 – 20:00 p.m. at the Soo Shim High Performance Center.
    All competitors have to prove their age and nationality by presenting their passport or identification card at the weigh-in.

    Rounds: 2 rounds x 1.5 minutes. Rest between rounds 1 minute

    Match System: We will use a pool system, which means that athletes
    are guaranteed at least two fights in all weight categories that has a minimum of 3 participants registered.

    Equipment: The competition will be run with DAEDO protector scoring systems. All athletes must use their own Daedo socks.
    Head gear, groin/forearm and shin guards are compulsory and must be brought by the contestant. Mouthpiece is compulsory!

    To compete as a beginner in the sparring the contestants must hold the rank 9-5 Gup
    To compete as an advanced in the sparring the contestants must hold the rank 4 Gup – 4 Dan

    Weight divisions:
    Minors: -28 -30 -32 -34 -38 -42 -46 -50 +50
    Cadets: -33 -37 -41 -45 -49 -53 -57 +57
    Men Junior male: – 48 -55 -63 -73 -78 +78
    Junior female: -44 -49 -55 -63 +63
    Senior male: – 58 -68 -80 +80
    Senior female: -49 -57 – 67 +67
    Old Boys / Girls: Same as senior male/female

    For Minors and cadets there is no gender separation, i.e. boys and girls will compete in the same category.

    If there are too few participants in any weight category it might be necessary to combine two or more categories, if that is the case the coaches it concerns will be announced.

    Demonstration divisions (Hosinsul, Hyung, Mookisul)
    Registration: Friday, October 28, 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Soo Shim High Performance Center.
    All competitors have to prove their age and nationality by presenting their passport or identification card at the registration.

    Individual competition takes place between participants in the same category. For lack of participants, two categories may be merged due to lack of participants, concerned coaches will be announced if such is the case!

    Age categories as above, men and women compete in the same category, ie. no gender breakdown

    To compete as a Beginner in demonstrations the contestants must hold the rank 9-5 Gup.
    To compete as an Advanced in demonstrations the contestants must hold the rank 4 Gup – 1 Gup.
    To compete as Elite in demonstrations the contestants must hold the rank 1 Dan – 4 Dan.

    Location: Soo Shim High Performance Center, Skellefteå, Sweden
    Date: Sunday, October 30 2016, 10:00 – 16:00

    Grandmaster Scott Seo, the oldest son of Grandmaster In Sun Seo, was born in Busan, Korea. He started martial arts training from early childhood in the headquarter dojang of Grandmaster In Sun Seo and was the youngest member of the children’s demonstration team at the age of 5 in 1977. Ever since childhood, he has been privileged to learn directly from Grandmaster In Sun Seo and has had the opportunity to learn and train with many of the Grandmaster’s senior masters as well.
    Currently, Grandmaster Scott is the General Secretary of the Hanminjok Hapkido Association, which oversees more than 600 member schools in Korea.
    He is also the chief administrator of World and National Hapkido Championships, Master and Instructor Referee/Leadership Seminars and Hapkido Technical Seminars that are conducted by the Hanminjok Hapkido Association and the World Kido Federation.

    Grandmaster Scott Seo is visiting Skellefteå, Sweden to attend the 4th Nordic Hapkido Cup and will be teaching an open 1 day intensive Hapkido Seminar on the day following the championship, Sunday October 30.

    We are happy to invite all participants for dinner on Saturday evening, October 29, this will be a very pleasant evening with good food and an unique opportunity to socialize and have fun together.

    More information about the dinner will be sent out together with registration information.

    Applications: Deadline Sunday, 16 October 2016
    To start the application process and to receive further information about registration, please contact the organizing committee via email

    Entry fees:
    Championship: 300kr
    Championship + Seminar: 600kr
    Seminar: 500kr
    Dinner: To be announced

    Hotel Scandic Skellefteå offers special rates for participants of The 4th NORDIC HAPKIDO CUP.
    Please contact organizing committee for more information.

    Feel free to contact Rikard Larsson
    Phone: +46 70 275 26 06

  • WKF 1st Oceania Cup Hapkido Competition

    WKF 1st Oceania Cup Hapkido Competition

    Visit our Facebook event page for more information:

    The event is primarily for members of the New Zealand Hapkido Federation.

    We will consider entries from other martial arts styles. There are categories for all ages.
    Participants may take part in patterns (forms), weapon patterns, self-defence and sparring competitions.

    A participant may enter one or more competitions but in order to qualify for the overall Oceania Cup Trophy a competitor must enter sparring, self-defence and one of the pattern competitions.

    Registration: entry forms (including the Oceania Cup entry form) must be received no later than Friday 9th September by email or handed to an instructor at the Upper Hutt Hapkido academy by Friday 9th September.

    Oceania Cup Entry Fee: $25 to be paid no later than Friday 9th September otherwise a late entry fee 0f $10 applies. All entries must be received by September 30.

    For more information, please feel free to contact Callum Forbes, the Head Instructor New Zealand Hapkido Federation and Head Instructor Upper