Veronica Seo

  • WKF 3rd European Championship in Spain

    WKF 3rd European Championship in Spain

    Hosted by La Asociación Española de Hanminjok Hapkido, held on April 16, 2016

  • Brazil seminar participants and Master Steve Seo

    2014 WKF Brazil Seminar

    Hosted by Master Alexandre Gomes in Gramado, Brazil from October 18-19, this two-day seminar drew over 125 participants from Central and South America, including attendees from various parts of Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and Panama.

    This was Master Steve Seo’s second visit to Brazil and resulted in the largest hapkido seminar on record to be held in the country.

  • Participants of the New Zealand seminar

    2014 WKF New Zealand Seminar

    Sharing the following on behalf of Master Callum Forbes, who recently hosted Grandmaster Scott Seo for a seminar in New Zealand:

    Held over the weekend October 4th and 5th with Grand Master Scott Seo, the seminar was hosted by Callum Forbes and the Upper Hutt Hapkido Academy which is the Head Quarters Do Jang for the New Zealand Hapkido Federation, which currently consists of five WKF member Do Jangs and one pending.

    Over 60 people from throughout New Zealand enrolled for the seminar with some students enrolling for one day and others for both days. Numbers on both days were around 50 and Master Scott ran an excellent seminar covering basic and advanced Hanminjok Hapkido techniques which was well received by everybody.

    On Monday 6th October Master Scott ran a special class for the Upper Hutt members covering Ki Hap Hyung 1 &2 and Sang Dan Gum Hyung as well as fan techniques. We hope to host Master Scott again in New Zealand in about two years time.


    Grandmaster Scott demonstrating at the New Zealand seminar


  • Member Passwords Update (Part 2)

    By Veronica Seo

    I’m still working on issuing all the member passwords, and hope to finish it up by tomorrow (Mon. 9/15). It’s been a rough week for us that involved two emergency room visits for little Nicholas (he’s okay, thank goodness!) while scrambling to find backup child care since his illness took him out of school. But, I’m still going to attempt to make my self-imposed deadline of 9/15 to issue these darn passwords, so please stay tuned — and as always, thank you for you patience!

  • Member Passwords and Other Updates

    By Veronica Seo

    Hi everyone!

    I’m Master Steve’s wife and the main administrator of the WKF site.

    First off, I want to apologize for taking so long to issue the member passwords. We had planned to do it immediately following the launch of the site a few months ago, but things got a little hectic for us personally. For those of you who follow us on Facebook, you know that we recently moved out of the city and into a new home in the suburbs; as a result, Nicholas also transitioned to a new school, and it took me several weeks to get used to not just his new routine, but my now much longer commute to/from work.

    These are certainly not excuses for neglecting to do what we promised, but I hope our efforts over the next few days will make up for the delay.

    Here’s what will be happening:

    1. You will be receiving an email with your login name and password for the Members Only portion of the site. If you do not receive something by September 15, please contact Master Sara.
    2. You can use that information to access the Members Only content. Please remember not to share that content, as we have designed it to be available exclusive to our membership.

    Secondly, we will be posting blogs much more frequently, with a goal of a new post twice a week. Master Steve is in line to write the next one, so stay tuned!

  • Master Steve Seo

    Wisconsin Hapkido Seminar w/ Master Steve Seo

    Join Master Steve Seo, WKF Technical Director, 7th Dan, for a two-day intensive Hapkido seminar, hosted by Master Dean Konley of American Dojo.


    Saturday, 9/20
    Seminar | 8am-4pm

    Sunday, 9/21
    Black Belts and Assistant Instructors only
    Seminar | 8am – 1pm


    One day – $115
    Both days – $145


    Master Dean Konley |

    Event Flyer:

    Wisconsin Seminar Flyer



  • Check out our new website!

    Check out our new website!

    By Master Steve Seo

    We are extremely excited to launch the new World Kido Federation website! While still a work in progress, we encourage you to click around and let us know what you think.

    You’ll see that much of the content was migrated directly over from the old site; over the next several months, we will be reviewing that content and refreshing it as appropriate.

    We have also launched two brand new areas:

        1. Our Blog – Here you will see regular posts by WKF leadership on topics ranging from training tips to personal stories.
        2. Member Area – We’re still curating content for this section of the website that will be accessible by members only. Look for special training posts, messages from Grandmaster and other exclusive content that you can only find here. If you are a WKF member, we will be emailing you your login and password information within the next several weeks.

    We hope you like it, thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks, and look forward to ultimately providing you with digital content that will keep you informed on all things WKF, as well as help you stay connected with other WKF members.