• Brazil seminar participants and Master Steve Seo

    2014 WKF Brazil Seminar

    Hosted by Master Alexandre Gomes in Gramado, Brazil from October 18-19, this two-day seminar drew over 125 participants from Central and South America, including attendees from various parts of Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and Panama. This was Master Steve Seo’s second visit to Brazil and resulted in the largest hapkido seminar on record to be held… Read More »

  • Participants of the New Zealand seminar

    2014 WKF New Zealand Seminar

    Sharing the following on behalf of Master Callum Forbes, who recently hosted Grandmaster Scott Seo for a seminar in New Zealand: Held over the weekend October 4th and 5th with Grand Master Scott Seo, the seminar was hosted by Callum Forbes and the Upper Hutt Hapkido Academy which is the Head Quarters Do Jang for… Read More »

  • Meaning vs. Essence of Martial Arts

    By Master Steve Seo, WKF/HHA International Director One of my favorite authors and lecturers is Michael Sandel.  He is a Harvard professor and author of the book Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_J._Sandel)  His thought provoking book and lecture series is something I recommend to everyone, especially martial artists. One topic that he… Read More »

  • What’s it like to have a Grandmaster father– Part I

    By Master Steve Seo, WKF/HHA International Director So what is it like to have a Grandmaster father?  It’s interesting because I’m part of very exclusive club of people in the world that can say they grew up with a Grandmaster father. I can definitely say that I’m in very select company.  I’ll write about older… Read More »

  • 2014 WKF Seminar in Wisconsin

    2014 WKF Seminar in Wisconsin

    2014 WKF Wisconsin Seminar Last weekend’s seminar in Wisconsin was a big success!  We had over 50 participants attend the seminar.   Thank you Master Konley for hosting this seminar. This year’s seminar focused on a combination of self defense, forms and weapons training with an emphasis on striking techniques and concepts. Thank you for everyone who… Read More »