• 2014 WKF Seminar in Wisconsin

    2014 WKF Seminar in Wisconsin

    2014 WKF Wisconsin Seminar Last weekend’s seminar in Wisconsin was a big success!  We had over 50 participants attend the seminar.   Thank you Master Konley for hosting this seminar. This year’s seminar focused on a combination of self defense, forms and weapons training with an emphasis on striking techniques and concepts. Thank you for everyone who… Read More »

  • Master Steve Seo Training Routine

    By Master Steve Seo, WKF/HHA International Director Following up from my last blog post, I am posting about my training routine so that I can share what I’ve found as a useful way of not only maintaining and improving my martial arts skills and techniques, but also helping me improve my fitness level over time…. Read More »

  • Member Passwords Update (Part 2)

    By Veronica Seo I’m still working on issuing all the member passwords, and hope to finish it up by tomorrow (Mon. 9/15). It’s been a rough week for us that involved two emergency room visits for little Nicholas (he’s okay, thank goodness!) while scrambling to find backup child care since his illness took him out… Read More »

  • Commitment to Personal Training for a Martial Artist

    By Master Steve Seo, WKF/HHA International Director As this is the first blog post I’m writing for the World Kido Federation website, I thought I would relate to you one of GM In Sun Seo’s main martial arts-related lessons he has imparted on me as both his son and his student. While I’ve had the privilege to… Read More »

  • Member Passwords and Other Updates

    By Veronica Seo Hi everyone! I’m Master Steve’s wife and the main administrator of the WKF site. First off, I want to apologize for taking so long to issue the member passwords. We had planned to do it immediately following the launch of the site a few months ago, but things got a little hectic for us… Read More »