Commitment to Personal Training for a Martial Artist

By Master Steve Seo, WKF/HHA International Director

As this is the first blog post I’m writing for the World Kido Federation website, I thought I would relate to you one of GM In Sun Seo’s main martial arts-related lessons he has imparted on me as both his son and his student. While I’ve had the privilege to learn many things from GM Seo, this lesson is one of the most universal and easily understood and I believe every martial artist should apply it to their life.

Training and fitness as a way of life. GM Seo has been training consistently on a daily basis since his youth. He is 72 years old and continues to train his body and mind every single day just as he has done for the last 50 years. GM Seo’s daily routine includes:

  1. Waking up every day (rain, snow or shine) before 6am and going for a brisk two-mile walk to “awaken” his body
  2. Dan jun breathing for at least 10 minutes to cultivate and maintain his ki energy and focus
  3. Stretching and warmup (Mohm Puhl Ki) – GM Seo can still do a full split at age 72 as he demonstrated at our last WKF Summit earlier this year
  4. At least 200 1-2 punch combinations
  5. At least 100 kicks
  6. Brisk two-mile walk in the evening for digestion and closing out the  day

Of course there are days where GM Seo does more than these minimum training activities, but ensuring that he follows this routine has yielded tremendous benefits for GM Seo in terms of his health, skill level and overall martial arts mastery that he has been able to maintain after so many years of training.

Why is this important to “me”

The lesson I believe is that fitness, martial arts proficiency and skill is a daily commitment that has to be central to one’s way of life and can never be neglected nor compromised regardless of what else is happening in our day to day lives. Work, running a school, family, students, etc. are all very important and an essential parts of our lives. However, to be a true martial artist, a true master, the relentless commitment to our own training and fitness has to be realized. Hopefully, this example and lesson will be helpful for our members to focus your training both short-term and for the rest of our lives and we can all be role models for our students, children and future generations.

In a future blog post, I will share my training routine and also talk about options for training at the dojang, home (in a home gym or in open space) and when on the road (as I used to when I was traveling almost weekly due to work). I will also ask other masters and members of our organization about their training experiences and routines so we can share with each other for inspiration and ideas.  In addition to the training topic, I will be posting other topics from myself and other senior masters of our organization spanning subjects including training, events, stories, lessons, etc.  If you are a master/senior master of our organization, please reach out to me via email to discuss blog topics and ideas!