Member Passwords and Other Updates

By Veronica Seo

Hi everyone!

I’m Master Steve’s wife and the main administrator of the WKF site.

First off, I want to apologize for taking so long to issue the member passwords. We had planned to do it immediately following the launch of the site a few months ago, but things got a little hectic for us personally. For those of you who follow us on Facebook, you know that we recently moved out of the city and into a new home in the suburbs; as a result, Nicholas also transitioned to a new school, and it took me several weeks to get used to not just his new routine, but my now much longer commute to/from work.

These are certainly not excuses for neglecting to do what we promised, but I hope our efforts over the next few days will make up for the delay.

Here’s what will be happening:

  1. You will be receiving an email with your login name and password for the Members Only portion of the site. If you do not receive something by September 15, please contact Master Sara.
  2. You can use that information to access the Members Only content. Please remember not to share that content, as we have designed it to be available exclusive to our membership.

Secondly, we will be posting blogs much more frequently, with a goal of a new post twice a week. Master Steve is in line to write the next one, so stay tuned!